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Save $47 when you sign up for the Human Design Reading program by Elika. Receive the clarity, motivation and vision on how your soul wants to be of service to the world. Book your session on Elika.com

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10% off meal plans (2 meals a day for 5 meals) at Green Kitchen

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Wholesale price & purchasing for organic nuts, seeds, flours, dried fruits at superlativefoods.com


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First invite and membership rates to all classes, dinners and events at Discover Everton

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1 Discovery call with Elika (details here) on Health and Nutrition (can be used for family member)

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10% off healthy snacks and beverages on Shopee - Oh Wow Brands shopee.sg/ohwowbrands and @ohwowbrands

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Free listing of members products, business and services on community page

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1 monthly free members only event

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First free session with a mindfulness and movement specialist - Kingdom of Happiness

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5% off EGA Wellness ega.sg cold pressed juices and Ayurvedic products

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10% off Plant based marketplace - web: nourishsg.com, Instagram: @nourishbyerl, Eatroam

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10% off probiotics at Super Synbiotics

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10% off pesticide solution and natural cleaning products at Agape Nature agapenature.com

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15% off the whole kitchen, gluten free pantry items, thewholekitchen.com.sg

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based on $309 A la carte Dexa Scan
10% off full body health scans at DEXAFIT - full health scans including world gold standard - the dexa scan, vo2max, RMR, 3D scan

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